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The story of Draugen is split up into several days the protagonist Edward Charles Harden and Lissie spend in the village of Graavik. In the early sequences of the game, the players will find out about Edward, who is missing his sister Betty and trying to find out more about her last known location. He has a letter from Anna Fretland, who invited him to the remote Norwegian village Graavik.

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Day 1[edit | edit source]

The first day starts with Edward and Lissie rowing a boat through a fjord to the place where the village of Graavik is located. They came via Bergen to Ålesund. They leave the boat and walk to the farmhouse of the Fretland family. It all is a bit strange, because there seems to be no living being there this afternoon but Edward and his ward. Edward keeps on studying the letter by Anna Fretland. Both suspect, the villagers might attend a funeral, since the Norwegian flag outside is at half-mast.

After finding none of the villagers, they decide to wait inside of the Fretland's home. They talk about Edward's missing sister, Betty, whom they suspect to be in Graavik and look at the photographs and newspaper articles. They can find Betty's scarf in a closet wrapped around a tailor's dummy. Edward is sure, she bought it the Christmas before last and showed it off at a visit, but Lissie denies that Betty even was there. She seems very jealous, because she mentions, that Edward seems to ignore her completely, when Betty is around.

Edward is exhausted and drifts away into sleep on a couch. When he wakes up again, he is alone with the tailor's dummy, which had been rolled from the closet into the room. Lissie is nowhere to be seen and Edward walks around frantically. In a window, he can spot a figure on the outside looking in from the fog and disappear again. He is convinced it is Betty. He leaves the house and finds Lissie down by the landing stage, where they had left the boat earlier. The boat is now gone and both go back to the Fretland's house and Edward must clean himself from all the mud.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Edward and Lissie have to realise, that no one of the villagers has returned.

  • Edward can now enter the other rooms in the Fretland house.
  • When exploring the village, there is a door with "Forræder" painted on it. Forræder translates into "traitor". When Edward enters the house, there is a letter about a curse in one of the rooms. It tells about, that all children died.
  • When exploring the churchyard, there is a poster about a memorial service on July 24th. There are many recent burials on the cemetery. The church is boarded up with a sign reading "Gud er ikke her" - which translates into "God is not here". Outside in the yard, there is a rock with which Edward can interact with and draw in his sketchbook. He can do that with other locations, too.
  • Down on the shore is a shed with a boat in it.
  • When crossing the small stream, there are the remnants of the mining operation (tracks and a lying minecart) with a memorial stone. The inscription reads: "Til mine om De some mistet livet i gruben." (In memory of those who lost their lives in the pit). Three men died in that accident - Arne Fretland, Georg Hatlestad and Nils Frambu.
  • When following the tracks, they bring Edward and Lissie to the mine entrance. There is a gate with a sign saying "No trespassing for traitors" ("Ingen Adgang for Forrædere") - it was placed there by Fredrik Fretland.
  • They find a raven fly excitedly on a window of the general store. When looking into the window, there is a hat on a box inside. Edward is sure, it belongs to Betty. The door is locked but on the side of the house there is an open window, which can be used to climb in. Inside, someone painted with blood on the wall the word "Barnemorder" (Child murderer). On the wall is the photograph showing Johan, Fredrik and Arne Fretland in front of the mine entrance, the one half, showing Johan, was ripped off. In a small cabinet on the wall, the key hooks are empty but there is another note, this time by Simon, saying "Far Jeg puttet nøkkelen i kassa som du ba am. Simon" (Dad, I put the key in cash register as you asked). Edward doesn't know enough Norwegian yet to know the word "kassa". On the wall is a kid's drawing showing a girl and a boy holding hands, the text on it says "Til Simon, Fra Ruth". On a table is a telegraph, with the note "Ute av drift - Out of order". In a shelf behind the telegraph all the unsent letters can be found piling up. At some point, he and Lissie will find the cash register and the key inside. When looking more, there is a list under the counter, reading "Forrædere" with Johan Fretland and Anna Fretland on top of it - together with other names. At some point, they find the hat on a box with a letter from September 17, to Johan from Fredrik. Johan obviously didn't talk with Fredrik anymore, so he wrote a letter to him about Simon's innocence in Ruth's murder. Players will find out, that Ruth always played on the rocks below the church and must have fallen. Lissie is staring out of the window and discovers the rocks mentioned in the letter. Edward just can run after her. Reaching the location, they find dry blood on a rock and a vase with flowers next to it. Edward can move a rock and a headless doll is lying behind it. The doll wears an old Viking pin. If they follow the path upstairs they'll find a tree with a hanged man and a sign around his neck "Gud tilgi mig" (God forgive me). Lissie convinces Edward to take the dead man down and to bury him. The scene turns black.
  • After a short break, Lissie and Edward are back sitting in the kitchen in the Fretland home. They find another, half-burned letter from October 25, 1909, written by Margaret, who wanted the families to be reunited, because Simon was to be born soon. Obviously, the brothers had found something before the mine disaster brought them apart.
  • There is a diary written by Anna in one of the rooms. It's now available to read and reveals more about the village and the events before the arrival of Edward and Lissie.
  • Edward finally falls asleep on the sofa again.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Edward wakes up again, the Fretlands are still not in the house. He and Lissie can explore the house some more. Edward can find her in Ruth's room, looking at the drawings. There is one drawing on the floor, with a screaming person next to a box with a writing next to it: "Forbandelsen" (curse). A similar wooden box is next to the drawing under the desk. Inside the box, they find old Viking coins. There also is a drawing showing Ruth and the box in cave, so one can assume, she found something during here explorations and probably went to the mines. There is an illustrated book on a chair, mentioning the "Draugen".

  • At some point, the church bells start to ring.
  • Head to the church. When Lissie and Edward arrive there, it seems as if someone made it past the boards, which shut the entrance. They are loose enough to break them off.
  • Edward can find Betty's gloves on a church bench. He even remembers, she bought them at Woolworth in Boston before her departure to New York.
  • There are two books in the church. One is a bible on the altar and other the record about the births and deaths. The record is on a table right of the altar. When Edward opens it, the book misses four pages, which somebody must have torn out. Lissie mentions, they are probably still in the church. A paper with the last sermon is left of the altar on the pulpit.
  • When all pages of the book are found, Edward will put the book together and can study the pages. There are many entries of deaths and many have a "Forbandelsen" scribbled behind their names. When he comes to the last page, there is no name, but one large "Forbandelsen" written straight over the page. He suspects, this concerns his sister Betty and so he runs out to the graveyard.
  • Edward runs to the one unnamed grave and starts to dig. The corpse is not Betty. This leads to one final jealous explosion of Lissie, who can't stand the obsession of Edward. He literally sends Lissie "away" and the player now has to realise, that Lissie probably was just Edward's imagination all the time. When Edward now follows the road back, he can find Lissie sitting or standing on or by the side of the road. Talking to her will often make her disappear again. Edward follows her to the Fretland's house, where she then stands on the rooftop, ready to jump.
  • Lissie finally jumps and falls down in front of the Fretland's house - just to also disappear, when Edward gets closer.
  • The Entity appears, telling Edward, he'll never be alone and should not forget.

Day 4[edit | edit source]

Day 5[edit | edit source]