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Edward Charles Harden (often called "Teddy") is the player character in Draugen. Harden is an american traveller, who is visiting Norway to find his missing sister. Together with his ward, a young woman named Lissie, he is about to uncover the secrets of a coastal community.

  • It is mentioned, that he and Lissie live in Hanover, Massachusetts, which she compares to Graavik, which also, according to her, is "in the sticks".
  • He seems to be of ill health and should avoid excitement.
  • He seems very obsessed with his sister Betty and Lissie can get very jealous.
  • His mother drowned herself. This is revealed during the events of day 2 of the stay in Graavik.
  • His father killed himself with a gun. This is revealed during the events on day 4.

Edward's voice actor is Nicholas Boulton.