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Betty "Elisabeth" is the sister of protagonist Edward Charles Harden. He and his ward Lissie are looking for the missing Betty in the Norwegian village Graavik. Elisabeth is a reporter from New York.

  • Edward can find her scarf in a closet in the Fretland's home.
  • She obviously loves the perfume "Shalimar".
  • Her hat can be found in the general store.
  • Her gloves are on a church bench.
  • Her blue coat is in ... ?
  • The brooch of their mother is found in a gap in the mine.
  • Edward carries her photo around.

Spoiler[edit | edit source]

As soon as Edward has picked up the items belonging to Betty and dressed the tailor's dummy in the Fretland house with them, they will change in colour completely and turn dark. This demonstrates the bitter truth about Betty.

Lissie and the Entity will reappear and reveal to Edward, "this" Betty on the picture isn't real and he made it up all his life. The real Betty drowned as a baby in a pond 30 years ago and the parents never could get over it. Edward was eleven at that time and could not forgive himself and invented "his" Betty and what could have become of her.

When Edward gives up his vision of Betty, he turns the photograph around, revealing it as the photo of some film star named "Greta Gaynor". The photocard has a writing on the back "To my biggest fan with best wishes, Greta Gaynor"